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John Grady Burns has clients and fans around the world.  His themed presentations have won awards from Atlanta to his native Natchez in the South, and gained him fame and praise across the nation.


  Feel free to browse as we offer you photo galleries of some of John Grady's more recent projects.  They may give you ideas of what you would like in a wedding, reception, or special event, but keep in mind that this is your celebration.  Your wishes and desires will be an integral part of the theme, and that is what makes your wedding, reception, anniversary, or ball unique and beautiful.




FEATUREAutumn Atlanta Weddingat Cherokee Town Club<  <  <This video, taken by one of John Grady's happy clients, shows the joy of the day, the happiness of the bride, the groom, and all their friends and family.  You'll also get a view of the theme he built for their wedding day, as well as a glimpse of John Grady himself.















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